Home made vibration absorbing camera mount for Trex 600 helicopter.

It's taken around 7 mount versions to get something that gives a reasonably sharp video. There are multiple vibration frequencies in a remote contolled helicopter. Using the right length of rubber band and a certain number of rubber band in parallel help "absorb" these vibrations at flying RPM. (Currently up to 5X 35mm diameter, 2mm thick soft rubber bands in parallel on each side of the mount)

Have tried the mount facing forward and backwards on the heli, I kind of like the view facing backwards...

Helicopter is a Align Trex 600 ESP running on 6 lipo cells, around 2200 RPM head speed. Spent quite a bit of time to try an minimize vibration in the heli itself.

Camera is a Canon Ixus 100is, which for its size and cost takes remarkably great photos and HD video.

Canon Ixus 100is camera on custom helicam mount

Thanks and acknowledgement to Michael Best, Docaster Aeromodellers club for photos.

One of the first videos - unedited Canon Ixus takes quicktime movies - MPEG 4 720P (1280 X 720) 30 fps

Second edited video with a loop and some rolls